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Kerushen Morgan
This place has really good food at a great price. The staff are friendly and I enjoy the atmosphere. Very welcoming and courteous.
Yulia Gareeva
This place has my tender love... I just like eating there all the seafood I can) I like oysters and small scallops and it's just my comfort food place.
Not bad probably my favorite Chinese buffet ever anywhere. Food is always good here and really no complaints. There's not a huge selection but I choose quality and freshness over amount of selection. Sushi bar isn't always bad either. Again, they don't have a big selection but...
nice guy
Good food, kind a slow replacing food, so-so customer service. They need to smile more and be welcoming. Best Chinese buffet in the area.
Feng San
Five stars for service of staff, food choices, food quality, ambiance, cleanliness, value for money. ***** Definitely a must-try at Murrieta area. Best choice for groups and families. :-)
Merlin W.
The own is so nice. I got to say the chicken with jalapeños is my favorite entrée and the coffee cake is the best Desert. Thank you for being so nice...


Monday - Thursday

10:30am - 8:00pm

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10:30am - 9:00pm


10:30am - 8:00pm